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Executive Digital Marketing Director Program
International Level Digital Marketing Director Program
February, 01 | Saturday
21.00 – 00.00
Hartwall Arena
Leaders of global companies
At our events every week, you have the chance to engage with leaders from international companies and listen to their speeches / Top executives of the companies will be monitoring your progress and results / We are building a foundation of marketing professionals for international companies

Digital Marketing Education | Marketing Business School

from the leaders in marketing
Our digital marketing course stands out with its focus on developing practical strategies for customer attraction and retention. Acquire the skills needed for a successful marketing career, become an expert in crafting advertising campaigns on various online platforms, and prepare for leadership roles in this dynamic field. Our course provides you with the key tools to become a marketing director and work from anywhere in the world
You will learn to understand marketing during the course

Get a Job

The top-performing students will have the opportunity to engage in marketing projects and secure employment opportunities
This course earns you a Certificate of Completion
Websites and online stores
You will learn to create websites and online stores, acquire domains, and link them to the website during the course
Social media, Google, YouTube, and on over 3 million more platforms
You will learn to create advertising campaigns on social media platforms and the Google Search Network, on the YouTube platform, and on over 3 million more platforms
Сreate compelling advertisements
You will acquire skills in graphic and video editing, enabling you to create compelling advertisements and edit videos with proficiency. Additionally, you will gain expertise in various multimedia tools and techniques for effective content creation
To analyze digital marketing
You will be able to analyze the results of your work by applying analytical skills in digital marketing

With all this knowledge, you will easily be able to become a marketing Director
This digital marketing course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of modern strategies and tools in the field of digital marketing. You will learn how to effectively utilize online platforms, analyze data, create advertising campaigns on social media and Google Search Network, on the YouTube platform, and much more to successfully manage digital marketing initiatives.

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John Smith
A heartfelt thank you from ReelMaster Adverts for the outstanding promotional video shoot
ReelMaster Adverts, Creative director
Sarah Taylor
AdvertPro Creations extends their gratitude for their incredible work on our advertising reels."
AdvertPro, Manager
Max Ranevskii
AdvertMaven offers special thanks for the outstanding support in social media management, photography, videography, and advertising creation
AdvertMaven, CEO
Margaret Plath
Global Innovate Productions conveys special appreciation for their exceptional expertise in social media management, photography, videography, and advertising creation.
GIP, Production head

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